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William Dodson PortraitWilliam Dodson

Senior Producer, Chief Editor, Composer, Host of Mouse Music & Sideshow Sound Radio, Co-host of Score Guide & In Defence of

Will Dodson is an American composer who started his musical journey as a guitarist at the age of 12. In 2006, he committed his focus on composition, and began studying under noted Canadian composer and writer Peter Amsel in 2010. In 2011, he released his debut orchestral work “Life on the Reef“, and also co-founded the composition team Sideshow Sound Theatre with Wendell Jones. The duo have since released 5 critically acclaimed albums – 2012´s “Twisted Tales & Scary Stories“, 2013´s “The WTF Paranormal Agency“, 2014´s “Greenhill Manor“, 2015´s “Thunder Bay Hotel“, 2016’s “They Landed on Halloween” and 2017’s “The Toymaker“. Will is prepping his 2nd major solo orchestral work “Points of Light” for release this year, as well as working on the 6th Sideshow Sound Theatre album with Wendell. He also does scoring work in various forms of media. www.soundcloud.com/william-dodson

Wendell Jones Portrait

Wendell Jones

Head of Social Media, Editor, Composer, Host of Score Guide, Co-host of Mouse Music

Wendell is a composer for media currently residing on what the local inhabitants call “Earth”. After scoring films for many years he eventually ran in to a fanatical, fast-talking Floridian composer, by the name of William Dodson, whom he met on an icy lake on the dark side of Titan. After consuming copious amounts of alcohol together, wrestling with the complexities of the multiverse, and a curious incident involving a stolen penguin called Destiny, they decided to 1) never drink again and 2) combine their creative forces to form the musical outfit Sideshow Sound Theatre, on whose website you find yourself today. Other websites are available, including www.wendell-jones.com but for the greatest Halloween music this side of the galaxy and podcasts dedicated to the celebration of music for film, TV, games, media, and Disney, you’ll find no finer place.

Jesi Nelson Portrait

Jesi Nelson

Co-host of Sideshow Sound Radio

Jesi, the lone female voice whose name is most definitely to be confused with Jedi, is currently pursuing her Masters in Music Composition for the Screen at Columbia College, in Chicago, IL. In her writing, she attempts to take the influences of maestro’s Thomas Newman and Ennio Morricone’s harmonic and melodic style. When not composing and uncommonly uncaffeinated, Jesi enjoys all things music, movies, comics and other nerdgasm-inducing hobbies. You can find bits of her work at: www.soundcloud.com/jesinelsonmusic

Xander Stobbs Portrait

Xander Stobbs

Artistic Director, Co-host of Sideshow Sound Radio

Moving from the Great Wet North to the Great White North, Xander has attempted to pursue creative acts in his small log cabin, being kept company only by his collection of flannel shirts and a polar-bear-dog (the cabin, flannel and dog may be figments of his overactive imagination). Creatively, he takes inspiration from minimalism, folk and World music, and grand sweeping orchestral scores. Some of his musical musings can be found at www.soundcloud.com/alexander-t-stobbs and some of his graphic doodlings can be found around the website.

Ian Crabb Portrait

Ian Crabb

Producer, Editor, Host of In Defence of & Sideshow and Tell, Co-host of Sideshow Sound Radio

Ian Crabb is a God among insects. A man who laughs in the face of mortality. One who slaps fate in its stupid face and screams “You and what army?!”… Or… Ian Crabb is a man who had a very nerdy childhood, eschewing the “outdoors” for watching and rewatching films. He bought his first soundtrack aged 10; Danny Elfman’s BATMAN score on cassette (ask your parents). He now writes an independent interview blog on all things film, music and media: https://eyuncrabb.wordpress.com/ and is honoured to be included in the Sideshow family.

Rob Dodson

Co-host of In Defence of

Rachel Herrick Portrait

Rachel Herrick

Co-host of Mouse Music

Rachel Herrick is a puppeteer, voice actress and YouTuber living in Los Angeles, CA. She obtained a BFA in Performing Arts and Music Performance from the Savannah College of Art and Design. After two years of aimlessly trying to figure out what life was all about, she decided to pursue puppetry and voiceover full-time. Inspired by her obsession with The Muppets and other Disney related media, she started the Youtube channel Adorkable Rachel where she frequently word-vomits her opinions on all things she loves. Soon after being interviewed by Mouse Music host Will Dodson, she became a co-host of the show as well. Rachel has puppeteered in many film and television projects including Sesame Street, The Voice, and mostly recently for a VH1 pilot! Find her on TwitterFacebook & Instagram: adorkablerachel

Chris Lyndon Portrait

Chris Lyndon

Co-host of Mouse Music

Chris Lyndon grew up in Southern California, near Disneyland. He formed a lifelong fascination with all things Disney from a very early age, especially Disney music, and has studied the history of the Walt Disney organisation for decades. His very first summer job was at Disneyland aged 16, and he also worked at the Florida parks during his college years, as part of the Walt Disney World college internship program. His lifelong passion for Disney music has evolved into his website, http://disneychris.com/. All manner of Disney tunes can be enjoyed there, but the main focus is audio from the original Disneyland theme park, with hundreds of audio tracks, full colour imagery and historical information for every track posted. In December 2015, he started the podcast Jiminy Crickets! covering all things Disney.

Jonathan Thompson Portrait

Jonathan Thompson

Co-host of Sideshow Sound Radio

Jonathan Thompson is an oboist, collaborator, and educator in Dallas, Texas. He is a spirited recitalist, with an initiative to expand the oboe repertoire and share new music with audiences. He has given world and US premieres with Fonema Consort, the Northwestern University Symphonic Wind Ensemble, the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra, at the University of North Texas, and in solo performance. He has performed with the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra, the South Bend Symphony Orchestra, the Wisconsin Philharmonic, and the Civic Orchestra of Chicago. He is a former lecturer at Northwestern University, where he received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in oboe performance. He currently attends the University of North Texas, where he is working on his doctorate in oboe performance and is the oboist for the Chicago-based contemporary chamber music ensemble Fonema Consort.

Andrew Steele PortraitAndrew Steele

Co-host of In Defence of

On the 4th of July, God made America. On the 5th, America made Andrew Roy Steele. In his own words, he’s just a regular guy with exceptional hair. He enjoys storytelling, sports and video games and when it comes to music he loves anything acoustic and likes some artists in most genres. He also loves concerts and live performances in general. As far as storytelling goes, he love movies, comics, anime, and shows on TV, Netflix, and YouTube. Also he’s a huge wrestling fan which is a pure form of storytelling. Sportswise he supports all Florida teams especially his MIAMI DOLPHINS. When it comes to video games, he often plays Smite with friends on Xbox and enjoys whatever new multiplayer games are out. He plays Hearthstone regularly and you can find him on Warcraft living the Feral Life. If you ever want to talk about any of these things you can find him on Twitter: ‏ Instagram & Snapchat: Steelime Xbox: SteeleLyfe Battle.net: Steelious#1610

Todd Horan

Co-host of Mouse Music