The WTF Paranormal Agency

In October 2013, Will and Wend released their haunting sophomore effort “The WTF Paranormal Agency”. While the first album was on-the-nose and followed the instrumental conventions you’d typically associate with “Halloween music(harpsichord, organ, tubular bells, aleatoric strings, low brass), for their second album, they pushed SST in new directions. There’s lounge jazz, romantic-period string writing, and overall a lot more variety, whilst still retaining the purpose-written Halloween music that they’d come to be known for.

The success of this album led to their music being regularly featured on “The DoomBuggies Spook Show” hosted by Jeff Baham, a podcast “dead-icated” to fans of Disney’s The Haunted Mansion and other similarly sinister subjects. Sideshow Sound Theatre were also interviewed by Charlie McCarron for his music composition podcast Composer Quest, where they talked about their writing process and why more composers should collaborate.

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