Halloween Music

In 2011, composers William Dodson and Wendell Jones founded the composition team Sideshow Sound Theatre. After connecting on Twitter a year earlier and realising their mutual love for Halloween music, they decided to join forces and set out with the collaborative goal of creating a scary album for their favourite time of year…Halloween!

Here you can listen to our first five albums. Hear our frightening debut “Twisted Tales & Scary Stories” (2012), our haunting sophomore effort “The WTF Paranormal Agency” (2013), our haunting theme park “Greenhill Manor” (2014), our Halloween hotel party “Thunder Bay Hotel” (2015) our alien invasion “They Landed on Halloween” (2016) and our latest release “The Toymaker” (2017). Be sure to visit our shop page after listening, where you can buy all the original Halloween music heard on this page and more! We release a new album every year so enjoy our spooky music and let us be the soundtrack to your Halloween! Your ears belong to us…

The Toymaker

They Landed on Halloween

Thunder Bay Hotel

Greenhill Manor

The WTF Paranormal Agency

Twisted Tales & Scary Stories