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Interview with Kristen Romanelli

In the latest instalment of Ian’s interview series and first of 2018, your host chats with the incredibly talented and beyond charming, Kristen Romanelli.

Kristen is the Managing Editor of the hugely popular Film Score Monthly Online Magazine, where they bring you all the news from the world of film music, fascinating editorials, news, reviews and amazing insight into the world we love!

Thank you all for listening! Happy New Year everyone!


Kristen’s Twitter

Film Score Monthly Online

Home Alone Artwork for our Film Soundtrack Podcast

Score Guide – Home Alone (1990)

Join Will & Wend for their first Christmas Score Guide! In their final episode of 2017 they merrily explore a childhood classic, the 1990 comedy chrimbo movie, Home Alone, composed and conducted by masterful maestro, John Williams.

Your festive hosts shall be pulling back the composer’s christmassy curtain for you our loyal listener, to reveal themes, identify leitmotifs, and gush over instrumentation and all those sparkling musical moments that make this soundtrack so well-loved the world over.

Crowbars up, snow shovels at the ready, let’s feel that gingerbread feeling!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Home Alone 25th Anniversary Limited Edition La-La Land Records (2015)


Intro Tag: Xander Stobbs

Disc One

6:15 – 1. Home Alone (Main Theme)

9.57 – 2. Go Pack Your Suitcase/Introducing Marley/In Good Hands

14:50 – 3. Banished to the Attic

16:44 – 4. We Slept In/Hard Count

18:43 – 5. Making the Plane

19:44 – 6. The Basement

23:35 – 7. Target Practise/Sledding on the Stairs

26:49 – 8. Lights On/Guess Who’s Home/Paris Arrival

30:47 – 9. The Man of the House/Police Check

32:44 – 10. The Bookshelf

34:48 – 11. Phone Machine/Drug Store/Escape Across the Ice

38:45 – 12. Follow That Kid! [Film Version]

41:47 – 13. Listening to Carson

42:41 – 14. Cleaning Clothes/Kitchen

44:10 – 15. Scammed by a Kindergartner [Film Version]

46:55 – 16. Somewhere in my Memory (Walking Home) [Film Version]

49:34 – 17. O Holy Night [Film Version]

52:19 – 18. Star of Bethlehem [Film Version]

54:05 – 19. Carol of the Bells

56:03 – 20. Setting the Trap

1:01:22 – 21. The Attack Begins

1:03:37 – 22. Marv Enters the Basement/A Hot Hand/Sore Head

1:04:09 – The Chess Game (Harry Potter and the INSERT NAME Stone)

1:05:14 – 23. Paint Cans

1:06:41 – 24. Clothesline Trapeze/Marley to the Rescue

1:09:06 – 25. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [Film Version]

1:09:58 – 26. The Next Morning/Mom Returns/Finale

1:14:04 – 27. We Wish You a Merry Christmas/End Title [Film Version]


Anthony O’Toole’s Transcription & Analysis of Setting the Trap

Score Guide – Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End (2007)

Join Captain Wend and quartermaster Will on the fastest ship in the Cari-B, their rum wagon, SS Scourge of the Sea, for the third episode in their series of special Pirates of the Caribbean Score Guides! In celebration of the latest instalment in the series Dead Men Tell No Tales, they guide you through the well-loved score to Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End by Hans Zimmer.

Your hosts steer you through the soundtrack seas to discuss, analyse and gush over their favourite musical moments in each cue, taking you their passenger, their attentive listener on an informative and entertaining track-by-track ride through the soundtrack release with the help of their beloved Cursed Crew*, there’s not been a gathering like this in their lifetimes!

*We want to give a hearty thank you and a piratey arrr to our Cursed Crew for sailing under our colours once again, providing the courses and charts for this episode and by the sweat of their brows, the strength of their backs and the courage in their hearts, gifting us with a treasure trove of amazing musical insights that left us hanging from the crow’s nest for days: Benson Farris, Lasse Vogt, Rob Rawdon, Megan Culley and Jennifer Wolff.

Trim that sail, slack windward brace and sheet. Haul the pennant line! Let’s set SAIL!


Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End Walt Disney Records (2007)


0:00 – Intro Tag: Lasse Vogt

07:27 – Introductions

Crewmates: Benson Farris, Lasse Vogt

10:44 – 1. Hoist the Colours

Crewmates: Rob Rawdon, Lasse Vogt, Benson Farris

18:54 – 2. Singapore

Crewmate: Lasse Vogt

22:57 – Gore Verbinski and Hans Zimmer on the creation of Lord Beckett’s Theme

25:50 – East India Trading Company

Crewmate: Benson Farris

27:12 – Hans Zimmer talking to Dan Goldwasser about recording the Chinese instruments

29:02 – 3. At Wit’s End

Crewmate: Lasse Vogt

39:56 – 4. Multiple Jacks

Crewmates: Lasse Vogt, Megan Culley

47:00 – 5. Up is Down

Crewmates: Jennifer Wolff, Benson Farris

54:28 – 6. I See Dead People in Boats

Crewmate: Lasse Vogt

1:04:08 – 7. The Brethren Court

Crewmate: Lasse Vogt

1:08:34 – 8. Parlay

Crewmate: Lasse Vogt

1:10:31 – Hans Zimmer on Recording Gore Verbinski playing the guitar

1:14:16 – 9. Calypso

1:16:36 – 10. What Shall We Die For?

Crewmate: Lasse Vogt

1:19:15 – Maelstrom

Crewmate: Benson Farris

1:21:55 – 11. I Don’t Think Now is the Best Time

Crewmate: Lasse Vogt, Jennifer Wolff

1:30:03 – 12. One Day

Crewmate: Lasse Vogt

1:34:22 – 13. Drink Up Me Hearties

Crewmate: Lasse Vogt

Interview with Stephen Baysted, Part 1

In the newest instalment of Ian’s exclusive interview series brought to you exclusively by Sideshow Sound Radio, your host has the delight of chatting with the award-winning British film, TV and Video Game composer extraordinaire, the most talented, generous and just darn fun Professor you’ve ever heard, Stephen Baysted.

Stephen is best known for his supreme work on games such as the Need for Speed series, Atari’s Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends, and the absolutely mind-blowing Project Cars. The composer is also well-known for his music to documentaries, animation, short film and commercials, and has been nominated for prestigious awards numerous times for his spectacular scores.

Stephen talks with Ian about his Batcave in the garden, the lengths he’s gone to recording all the car sounds for your games that you took for granted, their mutual love of 80s TV and music, his incredible wife, an amazing opera singer, assembling a team, and much, much more!

Thank you all for listening, enjoy part one of this exclusive interview!


Stephen’s Website

Sideshow Sound Radio Sideshow and Tell Title Card Artwork for our Film Music Podcast

Sideshow & Tell 12/06/17

Hello the internet and welcome to episode 90 of Sideshow & Tell, where we bring you all the happenings in the world of film music, composers and movie news. This week, host Ian Crabb is joined by his assembly of Justice Avengers, our very own Wonder Woman, the first lady of Sideshow, Tiffany Jordan, the awesome writer, director, film critic, youtuber, soundtrack reviewer and podcaster Lasse Vogt, the ultimate storytopper, the insanely talented sound designer for theatre, Megan ‘Deets‘ Culley, and the incredibly talented composer and meatball chef, Gareth J. Rubery. First of all, your hosts discuss the latest soundtrack releases, including Justice League by Danny Elfman, from WaterTower Music and Coco by Michael Giacchino, from Walt Disney Records. Your hosts also bring us the news that Decca Records are to release the official soundtrack for Guillermo Del Toro’s fantasy drama, ‘The Shape of Water’ by Alexandre Desplat, and wrap up SAT90 with their Home Video Pick and Pick of the Week by composer Patrick Doyle from Sony Masterworks!


7:40 Justice League

29:11 The Shape of Water

42:33 Coco

50:26 Home Video Pick

1:02:14 Pick of the Week

Sideshow Sound Radio In Defence of Title Card Artwork for our Film Music Podcast

In Defence of Titan AE

In the latest In Defence Of, host Ian Crabb is joined by a crew ready to soar into the galaxy, the plucky young lad with a mighty ring, Will Dodson, the scourge of the galaxy, Andrew Steele, and the steadfast Captain, Todd Horan.

In episode 13 of IDO, the team discuss Fox Animation Studio’s 2000 space adventure, Titan A.E. and it’s diverse score by composer Graeme Revell! Did it deserve to crash and burn so heinously? Did it? Grab your rings as we head into Bluth’s cosmos!


9:36 – Film

32:38 – Music

58:00 – Gripe

1:16:25 – Defence

Interview with Bruce Broughton

In the latest exciting interview brought to you exclusively by Sideshow Sound Radio, Ian proudly sits down to chat with the incredibly kind, charming and talented Bruce Broughton.

Bruce Broughton is a an award-winning composer and conductor of some of the most legendary scores for film and television, Young Sherlock Holmes, Monster Squad, Silverado, The Rescuers, Tiny Toon Adventures, Stay Tuned, Homeward Bound, The Boy Who Could Fly, Baby’s Day Out, Tombstone, just to name a few. Bruce has just finished composing for Seth McFarlane’s new sci-fi dramedy ‘The Orville‘ and talks with Ian about the many projects he’s worked on over the years, answering listeners questions along the way, and giving us a few surprises on the piano!

Thank you so much for listening, enjoy the show!


Bruce’s Website