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In Defence of Alien 3

In the latest episode of In Defence Of, host Ian Crabb is joined by his band of inmates, the fearless leader, out of the airlock, Will ‘Ripley’ Dodson, the enigma of space, Andrew ‘Xenomorph’ Steele, the wild, unpredictable, Mr. Todd Horan, and the welcome return of the podfather himself, Erik Woods.

In episode 11 of IDO, the team defend the 1992 sequel Alien 3 and it’s incredible score by composer Elliot Goldenthal! Is it that bad? Does it deserve the vitriol? Is hindsight a friend to this film? Listen and find out!


9:42 – Film

44:32 – Music

1:15:23 – Gripe

1:31:43 – Defence

1:45:00 – Listener Feedback

3 thoughts on “In Defence of Alien 3

  1. Mister Sterling

    Is that a Sheffield accent I detect in one of you? This Yank can identify Sheffield pretty well. Great job, boys. This makes me happy to hear people saying things I’ve been saying about Alien 3 for years. Goldenthal was excited to hear it as well.


    1. Sideshow Sound Theatre Post author

      No Sheffield accent here although all the Englishmen on the show do have a range of differing accents now that they all live in different places to where they were born. Thanks so much for listening and sending us your thoughts! Alien 3 is a phenomenal film score, one of many by the maestro.


  2. SeeNoEvil

    David Fincher was looking for a non ”Hollywood” sound. Tim Zinnemann, who was the producer and also the producer on Pet Sematary, recommended Goldenthal to Fincher. He heard some of his tapes (Juan Darién and Drugstore Cowboy) and loved it a lot and hired him immediately.



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