Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest Artwork for our Film Soundtrack Podcast

Score Guide – Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest (2006)

Join Captain Wend and quartermaster Will on the fastest ship in the Cari-B, the SS Scourge of the Sea, for the second episode in their series of special Pirates of the Caribbean Score Guides! In celebration of the latest instalment in the series Dead Men Tell No Tales, they guide you through the memorable score to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chestcomposed by Hans Zimmer.
Your hosts steer you through the soundtrack seas, happily exploring themes old and new, cheering over leitmotifs, gushing over their favourite musical moments in each cue and taking you their passenger, their attentive listener on an informative and entertaining track-by-track ride through the soundtrack release with the help of their beloved Cursed Crew*, every one of ’em worth their salt!
*We want to give a hearty thank you and a piratey arrr to our Cursed Crew for sailing under our colours once again, providing the rum and BIG FIRE of the episode, and gifting us with a plunder of detailed musical insights more valuable than a jar of dirt: Chad Hopkins, Lasse Vogt, Jennifer Wolff, Megan Culley and Rob Rawdon.
Rum at the ready…it’s time we do a speck of honest pirating!


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Walt Disney Records (2006)


0:00 – Intro Tag: Jennifer Wolff

6:20 – 1. Jack Sparrow

Crewmates: Chad Hopkins, Lasse Vogt

10:11 – 2. The Kraken

Crewmates: Jennifer Wolff, Chad Hopkins

19:38 – 3. Davy Jones

Crewmate: Megan Culley

25:18 – 4. I’ve Got My Eye on You

29:05 – 5. Dinner is Served

31:51 – 6. Tia Dalma

39:08 – 7. Two Hornpipes (Tortuga)

Crewmate: Rob Rawdon

42:43 – 8. A Family Affair

47:28 – 9. Wheel of Fortune

Crewmate: Chad Hopkins

53:17 – 10. You Look Good Jack

57:10 – 11. Hello Beastie

Crewmate: Chad Hopkins

1:04:48 – 12. He’s a Pirate (Tiësto Remix)

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