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Score Guide – Signs (2002)

Will and Wend are joined by host and producer of Cinematic Sound Radio, Erik Woods, to discuss their favourite score of this century in our Halloween Score Guide of 2016!

The trio discuss the 2002 sci-fi thriller Signs by James Newton Howard. Guiding you through this sensational, supernatural film score, track-by-track, in the most entertaining and informative way they can, they cut back the crops to explore themes, motifs, instrumentation, textures, and those marvellous musical moments that leave them giddy with excitement!

Don’t be afraid…it’s time to board up your windows, lock your pantry door, head down to the basement, and talk film music!


Signs Hollywood Records (2002)


06:59 – 1. Main Titles

11:15 – Camille SaintSaëns ‘Danse Macabre’

13:38 – 2. First Crop Circles

22:05 – 3. Roof Intruder

31:05 – 4. Brazilian Video

36:15 – 5. In the Cornfield

43:38 – 6. Baby Monitor

48:29 – 7. Recruiting Office

53:36 – 8. Throwing a Stone

59:38 – 9. Boarding Up the House

1:07:18 – 10. Into the Basement

1:12:52 – 11. Asthma Attack

1:18:28 – James Newton Howard on Creating the Score

1:19:42 – 12. The Hand of Fate (Part 1)

1:28:13 – 13. The Hand of Fate (Part 2)

1:45:59 – Listener Feedback


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4 thoughts on “Score Guide – Signs (2002)

  1. Tiffany

    This was beyond wonderful! As a (hack) cellist I loved that you guys got into motifs and even theory in discussing the score. This is the first “Score Guide” I listened to and am now super eager to dive into the rest. The conversation and genuine banter and chemistry you 3 had was so enjoyable. (I listen during my long commute) I already loved this movie and score and now have an even deeper appreciation for it. The “religious” variation of the 3 note motif (Baby Monitor comes to mind) is one of my favorite score moments. Thanks so much again!!


    1. Sideshow Sound Theatre Post author

      What a wonderful comment you have left us! Thank YOU so much for listening Tiffany and sharing your favourite moment in the score, that IS a cracking little cue! ‘Signs’ really is one of our favourite scores without question, hope you enjoy our other Score Guides!


  2. Andrés Medina

    Fantastic work on this podcast guys, congrats.
    Listened on March 2021.
    The score did a very good job on a 10 year old me back in 2002. As everytime I hear those notes of danse macabre still scares me the sh*t out of me. Hated this movie for keeping me away from dark fireplaces and basements for a while.
    Came hear by accident, glad to have found you. Cheers.



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