Lilo & Stitch Artwork for our Disney Music Podcast

Mouse Music #10 – Lilo & Stitch

Aloha and welcome everyone to episode 10 of Mouse Music, a podcast celebrating the magic, music and history of the Walt Disney Company! For the first episode of 2017, we have all sorts of intergalactic shenanigans for you, starting with the 42nd Disney animated feature film, Lilo & Stitch!

Joining hosts Will Dodson and Wendell Jones in our podcast ‘ohana on the sunny shores of Hawaii, is our lovely co-host all the way from Los Angeles, voice actor and puppeteer, Rachel Herrick, and making his second appearance on the show, the very lovely and talented Mr. Todd Horan! The team of podcasters discuss their favourite cinematic and musical moments from 2002 Walt Disney Pictures’, ‘Lilo & Stitch‘, scored by composer Alan Silvestri.

Up next, our resident Disney historian Chris Lyndon joins Wend for a cheery, tropical instalment of the Disney Music Archives. Chris brings quite the earworm for today’s episode, ‘Pineapple Princess‘ sung by Annette Funicello, written by The Sherman Brothers. Taken from the 1960 LP album ‘Hawaiiannette‘, and produced by Disneyland Records, it’s time to grab your ukuleles everyone and sing along!

Finally, for the first time on the show, the three caballeros from Jiminy Crickets! join Wend at Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland as they go In the Parks to chat about the wise-cracking, alien lounge singer Sonny Eclipse voiced by Kal David with music by Disney Composer George Wilkins! After a brief ride through the show’s history, the team happily explore Sonny’s setlist and share with you all their memories and thoughts about one of the best counter-service shows in Walt Disney World!

Love Lilo & Stitch as much of us? We’d be super happy to hear your thoughts on Sonny Eclipse, as well as your memories of Annette Funicello! Feel free to contact us anytime via email: Tweet us: @sideshowsound or chat with us on Facebook: SideshowSoundTheatre


2:28 – Lilo & Stitch

44:34 – Disney Music Archives – “Pineapple Princess”

1:08:00 – In the Parks – Sonny Eclipse

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