20 Underrated Cues Artwork for our Film Soundtrack Podcast

Episode 20 – 20 Underrated Cues

In the 20th episode of our flagship show Sideshow Sound Radio, Will and Ian mark the occasion by talking about 20 of their favourite underrated cues. Each host brings 10 film cues they love that are rarely talked about, and finish the show with sensational selections from our loyal listeners!


1:45:59 Listeners’ Favorites

2 thoughts on “Episode 20 – 20 Underrated Cues

  1. Tiffany

    This was awesome. I’m a total type A so I love lists. We promptly added Genevieve and Straight Story to our Netflix list. (I literally squealed over the City of Angels mention. I get weepy just listening to the score.) My own underrated cue (and score for that matter) is “Winter 1948” (which in my mind opens with the snippet from Rachmaninoff) from “Dead Again”. As cheesy as that film may be perceived to be, I love it.



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