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Sideshow & Tell 04/03/2017 Interview with Lesley Barber

Welcome to the 80th episode of Sideshow & Tell, your weekly mini soundtrack news hosted by Ian Crabb! In this week’s episode, Ian discusses the latest film music releases, including a 2-disc reissue of Die Hard by Michael Kamen, from La-La Land Records, brings you his Home Video Pick from composers Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, and a vinyl Pick of the Week by composer Jerry Goldsmith, from La-La Land Records. To finish SAT80, we have an exclusive interview for you all with the phenomenally talented composer, Lesley Barber, who talks about growing up on a farm, learning composition from her father, reinventing the musical language of Franz Schubert for ‘Little Bear’, partnering up with Patricia Rozema for her first feature score, ‘When Night is Falling’, bringing a unique voice to ‘Mansfield Park’, scoring the recent award-winning drama, Manchester by the Sea, turning her house into a recording studio, her favourite films and scores of 2016, the story behind her Blüthner piano, female film composers and much more! Enjoy the show!


1:18 Die Hard

4:18 Home Video Pick

6:58 Pick of the Week

11:55 Exclusive Interview with Lesley Barber


Lesley’s Website

Lesley on Twitter

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