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The Main Street Monologue #5 – Chilling Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted Podcast, Part 2

Welcome back to The Main Street Monologue! Halloween is nigh upon us, so in the second of their two-part celebration, Will & Todd continue the festivities by taking you into the boundless realm of supernatural Disney sounds they love the most in 3 creepy categories: Disney songs, film music and park audio.

Will also announces details of SST’s new Halloween album, The Wraith. This 7th chapter in the ongoing, macabre Greenhill Point Saga will be digitally released on Bandcamp October 30th!

We’d love to hear about the spooky Disney sounds & scores that tickle your eardrums every Halloween season, particularly those that weren’t mentioned! Reach out to us at:

Twitter: @sideshowsound

Facebook: SideshowSoundTheatre

Instagram: sideshowsound

Pinterest: SideshowSound

Have a safe and happy Halloween!


0:00 – Show Introduction

4:24 – Spooky Park Sounds & SFX

25:49 – Favorite, Spooky, Disney Film Scores

1:00:06 – Favorite, Spooktacular Disney Songs

1:56:22 – The Wraith

1:58:19 – Phantom Manor Suite by John Debney

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