Solo A Star Wars Story Artwork for our Film Soundtrack Podcast

Score Guide – Solo A Star Wars Story (2018)

Join Rebel host Wend and co-pilot Will Dodson on the SSR-15 in a galaxy far, far away, for the latest Star Wars Score Guide, the tenth instalment in their ever-growing series! In celebration of the most recent cinematic release in the franchise, they guide you through the amazing score to Solo: A Star Wars Story, by composers John Powell and John Williams.

Your hosts explore Powell’s and William’s themes, – old and new, – gush over their profusion of favourite musical moments in each cue and take you their passionate passenger and loyal listener on an informative and entertaining track-by-track ride through the soundtrack release with the help of their proud Rebel Alliance*.

*We want to give a GALACTIC thank you to our Rebel Alliance for bribing Imperial officers, helping us make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs and delivering passionate musical insights: Lasse Vogt, Tom DeMichele and Mike Watson. We’re luckier than a Pure Sabaac to have you!

Rebels everywhere, it’s time to shine…let’s talk Solo!


Solo: A Star Wars Story Walt Disney Records (2018)


10:11 – 1. The Adventures of Han

15:36 – 2. Meet Han

Rebel: Lasse Vogt

23:00 – 3. Corellia Chase

Rebel: Lasse Vogt

25:52 – 4. Spaceport

32:16 – The Imperial March Rearrangement

33:25 – 5. Flying with Chewie

Rebel: Lasse Vogt

38:36 – 6. Train Heist

Rebel: Lasse Vogt

49:14 – 7. Marauders Arrive

Rebel: Lasse Vogt

55:00 – 8. Chicken in the Pot

59:58 – 9. Is This Seat Taken?

Rebel: Lasse Vogt

1:03:16 – 10. L3 & Millenium Falcon

1:09:21 – 11. Lando’s Closet

1:13:34 – 12. Mine Mission

1:17:23 – 13. Break Out

Rebel: Lasse Vogt

1:22:23 – 14. The Good Guy

1:25:44 – 15. Reminiscence Therapy

1:33:34 – 16. Into the Maw

Rebels: Lasse Vogt & Tom DeMichele

1:42:35 – 17. Savareen Stand-Off

1:46:25 – Darth Maul

1:48:47 – 18. Good Thing You Were Listening

1:51:28 – 19. Testing Allegiance

1:54:01 – 20. Dice & Roll

Rebel: Lasse Vogt

1:58:36 — Rebel: Mike Watson

1:59:33 – Final Thoughts

2:01:45 – Wend’s Star Wars Score Ranking

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