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Score Guide – Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End (2007)

Join Captain Wend and quartermaster Will on the fastest ship in the Cari-B, their rum wagon, SS Scourge of the Sea, for the third episode in their series of special Pirates of the Caribbean Score Guides! In celebration of the latest instalment in the series Dead Men Tell No Tales, they guide you through the well-loved score to Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End by Hans Zimmer.

Your hosts steer you through the soundtrack seas to discuss, analyse and gush over their favourite musical moments in each cue, taking you their passenger, their attentive listener on an informative and entertaining track-by-track ride through the soundtrack release with the help of their beloved Cursed Crew*, there’s not been a gathering like this in their lifetimes!

*We want to give a hearty thank you and a piratey arrr to our Cursed Crew for sailing under our colours once again, providing the courses and charts for this episode and by the sweat of their brows, the strength of their backs and the courage in their hearts, gifting us with a treasure trove of amazing musical insights that left us hanging from the crow’s nest for days: Benson Farris, Lasse Vogt, Rob Rawdon, Megan Culley and Jennifer Wolff.

Trim that sail, slack windward brace and sheet. Haul the pennant line! Let’s set SAIL!


Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End Walt Disney Records (2007)


0:00 – Intro Tag: Lasse Vogt

07:27 – Introductions

Crewmates: Benson Farris, Lasse Vogt

10:44 – 1. Hoist the Colours

Crewmates: Rob Rawdon, Lasse Vogt, Benson Farris

18:54 – 2. Singapore

Crewmate: Lasse Vogt

22:57 – Gore Verbinski and Hans Zimmer on the creation of Lord Beckett’s Theme

25:50 – East India Trading Company

Crewmate: Benson Farris

27:12 – Hans Zimmer talking to Dan Goldwasser about recording the Chinese instruments

29:02 – 3. At Wit’s End

Crewmate: Lasse Vogt

39:56 – 4. Multiple Jacks

Crewmates: Lasse Vogt, Megan Culley

47:00 – 5. Up is Down

Crewmates: Jennifer Wolff, Benson Farris

54:28 – 6. I See Dead People in Boats

Crewmate: Lasse Vogt

1:04:08 – 7. The Brethren Court

Crewmate: Lasse Vogt

1:08:34 – 8. Parlay

Crewmate: Lasse Vogt

1:10:31 – Hans Zimmer on Recording Gore Verbinski playing the guitar

1:14:16 – 9. Calypso

1:16:36 – 10. What Shall We Die For?

Crewmate: Lasse Vogt

1:19:15 – Maelstrom

Crewmate: Benson Farris

1:21:55 – 11. I Don’t Think Now is the Best Time

Crewmate: Lasse Vogt, Jennifer Wolff

1:30:03 – 12. One Day

Crewmate: Lasse Vogt

1:34:22 – 13. Drink Up Me Hearties

Crewmate: Lasse Vogt