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Overlooked Halloween Scores Artwork for our Film Soundtrack Podcast

Episode 9 – Overlooked Halloween Scores

Will and Wend kick off the Halloween season by discussing three Halloween scores that are often overlooked. We begin with a modern anthology horror featuring a spooktacular score by Douglas Pipes. Trick ‘r Treat is melodically easy to follow and perfectly captures the spirit of Halloween. The second film score we look at is The Orphanage by Fernando Velázquez, a film composer that shows us you don’t always have to be over-the-top when writing for the horror genre, you can still write beautiful music. The El Orfanato score speaks more to the sadness of the children in-film than the horrors that lie in wait for them. Finally, we discuss Danny Elfman’s Sleepy Hollow score. No stranger to Halloween music, this dark realm of Tim Burton’s shows the composer’s clearly adept at scoring horror movies. We strongly encourage you to revisit all three of these underrated Halloween soundtracks and experience the thrills, chills and kills all over again!

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1:34 – Trick ‘r Treat

18:19 – The Orphanage

29:35 – Sleepy Hollow

The Scores That Inspired Us Artwork for our Film Soundtrack Podcast

Episode 1 – The Scores That Inspired Us

Join us for the debut episode of Sideshow Sound Radio, as we discuss the film scores that inspired each of us to become composers.

Starting with the symphonic and unashamedly emotional Star Trek First Contact score by Jerry Goldsmith and his son Joel Goldsmith, featuring an amalgam of almost all the Star Trek themes the film composer brought to the franchise including two new thematic gems, we go on to discuss the extremely underrated Thomas Newman and his intimate and well-crafted Meet Joe Black score featuring the heartbreaking cue “That Next Place”. Next, we discuss Frank Herbert’s Dune Soundtrack by Graeme Revell and the untraditional orchestration the composer used to help reflect the story of the three-part sci-fi mini-series, and finally, Danny Elfman’s dark, memorable, and tone-setting Batman 1989 score, orchestrated and conducted by the film score genius that was Shirley Walker.


2:06 – Our composing backgrounds

6:01 – Star Trek: First Contact

17:53 – Meet Joe Black

26:13 – Frank Herbert’s Dune

34:12 – Batman (1989)

Links from this episode:

Interview with film composer Graeme Revell on creating the music for “Frank Herbert’s Dune” (2000)

Danny Elfman’s amazing 1990 open letter to Micah Rubenstein as mentioned in this episode