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Muppet Treasure Island Artwork for our Disney Music Podcast

Mouse Music #11 – Muppet Treasure Island

Avast ye privateers, scallywags, landlubbers and beloved listeners of Mouse Music and welcome to a podcast celebrating the magic, music and history of the Walt Disney Company! In our 11th episode, we head to the high seas, raise the Jolly Roger to discuss the second film directed by Jim Henson‘s son, Brian HensonMuppet Treasure Island!

Joining Cap’n Will Dodson and the old salt himself, first mate Wendell Jones, all the way from the West Coast, is Rachel Herrick! The team of podcasters set sail on the big blue wet thing to talk about a childhood favourite, the 1996 Walt Disney Pictures’, ‘Muppet Treasure Island‘, scored by composer Hans Zimmer, with songs by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil.

Up next, the crew pick up pirate Legend Crewman Chris for another nautical instalment of the Disney Music Archives. Chris brings quite the shanty for today’s episode, ‘Little Toot‘ sung by the Andrews Sisters, with music by Vic Schoen. Taken from the 1948 Walt Disney Studios package feature film, ‘Melody Time‘, there’s more than meets the eye with this one!

The four caballeros finish the show In the Parks, in the pirate-infested waters of Davy Jones with a well-loved Sideshow favourite, Pirates of the Caribbean! After a brief jaunt through the ride’s history, the team drunkenly celebrate the recent 50th anniversary by sharing with you their memories and thoughts about one of their absolute favourite attractions and it’s memorable signature tune “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me)” composed by X Atencio, with lyrics by George Bruns.

Do you have Cabin Fever? Are you as passionate about Muppet Treasure Island as we are? We’d love to be hearing about yer experiences on Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as your memories of Little Toot! Feel free to contact us anytime with your bottled messages at: sideshowsound@gmail.com Amongst the birds in the crow’s nest on Twitter: @sideshowsound On the Facebook Scrolls: SideshowSoundTheatre Find our beautiful pictures on Instagram: sideshowsound and our pretty paintings on Pinterest: SideshowSound


3:05 – Muppet Treasure Island

1:02:06 – Disney Music Archives – “Little Toot”

1:26:36 – In the Parks – Pirates of the Caribbean