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10 Favorite Comedy Scores Artwork for our Film Soundtrack Podcast

Episode 19 – 10 Favorite Comedy Scores

The main show merrily returns with a barrel of laughs, a keg of guffaws and a whiff of laughing gas! Hilarity ensues as hosts Will and Ian discuss some of their favorite comedy scores in episode 19 of Sideshow Sound Radio and what a diverse collection of musical goodies they have to share with you!

What exactly is a comedy score? The boys answer this question along the way, choosing soundtracks from some of their favorite comedy films that just so happen to have great scores and finish the episode with picks from our responsive listeners.


4:52 Galaxy Quest

14:03 Young Frankenstein

22:14 Groundhog Day

32:07 City Slickers

38:49 Ghostbusters

51:58 The Austin Powers Trilogy

1:00:34 The Goonies

1:07:22 Ted

1:14:37 The Hudsucker Proxy

1:23:40 Liar Liar

1:32:06 Listeners’ Favorites

Sideshow Sound Radio Sideshow and Tell Title Card Artwork for our Film Music Podcast

Sideshow & Tell 10/03/15

In this week’s news, Ian discusses the latest film and television music releases including Rebecca by Christopher Gunning, from Caldera Records, Forbidden Zone by Danny Elfman, and from Silva Screen Records, the expanded soundtrack to The Fog by John Carpenter on vinyl and Sideways by Rolfe Kent. Ian also informs us of the recent scoring assignments of Anne Dudley, Theodore Shapiro, Harry Escott and Roger Goula, reminds you all of our upcoming Star Wars Score Guides, and brings you a favourite in the Sideshow camp for his pick of the week, from Legacy Recordings!


1:23 Rebecca

3:48 Away

3:54 Forbidden Zone

5:14 Ghostbusters

6:33 The Fog

7:32 Sideways

8:48 The Frankenstein Chronicles

10:18 Star Wars Score Guides

12:19 Pick of the Week