The Little Mermaid Artwork for our Disney Music Podcast

Mouse Music #2 – The Little Mermaid

Welcome land-lovers to Mouse Music, a podcast celebrating the music and history of the Walt Disney Company. In our second episode, we discuss one of our favourite childhood films, The Little Mermaid, and the legendary collection of songs written for it by the amazing songwriting team of Alan Menken and Howard Ashman!

We have a boatload of fun discussing the 1989 animated film that launched what has now become known as the Disney Renaissance, with voice actor, puppeteer, creator of HowAdorkableTV on YouTube, Disney fan and friend of the show, Rachel Herrick.

Also, Wendell sits down with Chris Lyndon for the second installment of the Disney Music Archives. In keeping with the nautical theme, Chris presents us with a catchy and well-known song from another favourite of ours, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, titled “The Beautiful Briny“, written by the Disney Legends the Sherman Brothers.

Will and Wend finish off the show with their segment In the Parks. They guide you around New FantasylandWalt Disney World and discuss some of their favourite additions to this incredible expansion to the Magic Kingdom.

If you´re as big a Disney freak as us then please get in touch! We´d LOVE to hear your thoughts on The Little Mermaid, your magical experiences in New Fantasyland, as well as your favourite music by the Sherman Bros.! Contact us via email: Tweet us: @sideshowsound or chat with us on Facebook: SideshowSoundTheatre

Enjoy the show!


2:23 – The Little Mermaid

38:37 – Disney Music Archives – “The Beautiful Briny”

54:31 – In the Parks – New Fantasyland

Links from this episode:

Howard Ashman coaching Jodi Benson (voice of Ariel) as she records “Part of Your World

Pat Carroll (voice of Ursula) reads lines from The Haunted Mansion Ghost Host dialogue at Spooky Empire’s May-Hem convention in Orlando

Have yourself a Crab-E-Oke with the Walt Disney Records Legacy Collection release of The Little Mermaid

Ricky Brigante´s on-ride interview with Walt Disney Imagineer Ethan Reed in Ariel´s Undersea Adventure, Disneyland

Rachel´s Vlog – a channel about her daily/dorky/nerdy/adorable life

Disney Chris´s Website – the most comprehensive collection of audio from the original Disneyland park found on the web

2 thoughts on “Mouse Music #2 – The Little Mermaid

  1. ryoki9

    The thing about “Poor, Unfortunate Souls” is: it’s so nastily honest from a certain point of view. It’s one sided (not all men are like that), but it rings so darn true. It’s even more evil and dark for that.



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