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Sideshow & Tell 02/05/2016

Welcome everyone to Sideshow & Tell, your weekly newscast from Sideshow Sound Radio, brought to you by glorious host Ian Crabb. In this week’s news, Ian discusses the latest film and television music releases including Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Fernando Velázquez and Person of Interest by Ramin Djawadi, from Varèse Sarabande, Suits by Christopher Tyng, from Lakeshore Records, and finally, from Milan Records, Tumbledown by Daniel Hart. Ian also brings us the news that composer Alexandre Desplat has been hired to score the upcoming drama “Alone in Berlin” and ends this week’s SAT with his pick of the week, a score and film we’re really looking forward to here at Sideshow HQ, from the marvellous team at Milan Records!


1:08 Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

2:33 Person of Interest Seasons 3 & 4

4:00 Suits

5:30 Alone in Berlin

7:15 Tumbledown

8:43 Pick of the Week

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