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Sideshow & Tell 09/30/16

Hey there internet and welcome to episode 59 of Sideshow & Tell, your mini newscast where Ian Crabb brings you little appetisers of what’s happening in the world of film music, composers and movie news, along with his characteristic charm and wit! In this week’s SAT, your host, (who’s so amazing it’s ridiculous!), informs you of the latest releases including Denial by Howard Shore, from Howe Records, Less Than Zero by Thomas Newman, by La-La Land Records, Inferno by Hans Zimmer, from Sony Classical, and finally, Masterminds by Geoff Zanelli, from Relativity Music Group. Also, Ian delivers the news that composer Steve Jablonsky will be returning to score the 5th instalment in the franchise, ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ and finishes up with a pick of the week by composer Fernando Velázquez from the awesome team over at Quartet Records!


0:40 Denial

2:19 Less Than Zero

3:48 Inferno

5:54 Transformers: The Last Knight

7:47 Masterminds

10:06 Pick of the Week


In Defence of Transformers

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