Sideshow Sound Radio Sideshow and Tell Title Card Artwork for our Film Music Podcast

Sideshow & Tell 05/05/17

Hello the internet and welcome to episode 82 of Sideshow & Tell, your regular newscast where your host Ian Crabb brings you all the exciting happenings from the world of composersfilm and television music, and movie news! First of all, Ian discusses the latest soundtrack releases including The Circle by Danny Elfman, from Sony Masterworks, and Genius by Lorne Balfe and Hans Zimmer, from Milan Records. Ian also brings us the news that composer Christophe Beck will be returning to score the upcoming Disney animation sequel, ‘Frozen 2’, delivers not one but TWO Home Video Picks and wraps up SAT82 with his Pick of the Week by composer Tyler Bates from Hollywood Records!


0:48 The Circle

3:13 Frozen 2

7:20 1st Home Video Pick

10:27 2nd Home Video Pick

13:00 Genius

15:57 Pick of the Week

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