Happy Halloween 2018!


Happy Halloween everyone!

Our NEW ALBUM The Wraith is OUT NOW! The 7th Macabre Chapter in Will & Wend’s Greenhill Point Saga features pirates, witches, curses & sea shanties, plus more story, characters & dialogue than ever before!

HUGE THANKS to our vocal crew for helping to make this album extra special and the best it could be: Peter Amsel, Jamie Burns, Jordan Dodson, Rob Dodson, Todd Horan, Crystal Perea, Rob Rawdon and Xander Stobbs.


In ravaging wind and boiling sea, a spell to keep us all safe 
From malice on breeze, still sailing the seas, a shadow beyond the grave 
Do not light the tower, unleashing the power, in this you must keep your faith 
Or ye can be sure that we shall endure, the cursed wrath of The Wraith

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