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Sideshow Sound Radio Sideshow and Tell Title Card Artwork for our Film Music Podcast

Sideshow & Tell 01/30/17

Hello there internet and welcome to episode 71 of Sideshow & Tell, your weekly mini newscast where your host, Ian Crabb brings you all the juicy gossip of what’s happening in the world of composersfilm music, and movie news! Ian first discusses the latest film music releases including The Young Pope by Lele Marchitelli, from Warner Music Italy, Moonlight by Nicholas Britell, and Underworld: Blood Wars by Michael Wandmacher, from Lakeshore Records, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter by Paul Haslinger, from Milan Records, and finally, Young Guns by Brian Banks and Anthony Marinelli, from Rusted Wave. Ian also brings us the news that composers Nick Cave and Warren Ellis have just started composing for the upcoming thriller ‘Wind River’, composer Daniel Pemberton has landed the gig of scoring the upcoming political thriller ‘Felt’, composer John Paesano will be scoring ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’, and delivers his Home Video Pick! Ian concludes SAT71 with yes, his Pick of the Week, from composer West Dylan Thordson, and the brilliant team over at Back Lot Music!


1:30 The Young Pope

3:54 Moonlight

6:50 Wind River

9:03 Underworld: Blood Wars

12:47 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

15:24 Young Guns

18:49 Home Video Pick

22:32 Felt

24:26 Pacific Rim: Uprising

26:25 Pick of the Week

33:31 John Hurt Dedication

Sideshow Sound Radio Sideshow and Tell Title Card Artwork for our Film Music Podcast

Sideshow & Tell 11/11/16

Welcome internet to episode 64 of Sideshow & Tell, your weekly-ish mini newscast where the amazing Ian Crabb brings you all the juicy gossip from the world of film and television musiccomposers and movie news! This week Ian discusses the latest releases including first, a vinyl reissue of TrainspottingFar Cry 3 by Brian Tyler, from Ubisoft, and finally, Bates Motel by Chris Bacon, from Lakeshore Records. Ian also brings us the news that composer Michael Giacchino has announced he is to be scoring the upcoming ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, composer Nicholas Britell is to score the upcoming comedy thriller ‘Ocean’s Eight’ and is currently scoring the upcoming drama ‘Battle of the Sexes’, and composer Rupert Gregson-Williams has just signed on to score Wonder Woman. SAT64 finishes in the world of animation with a pick of the week by composer Christophe Beck!


1:03 Spider-Man: Homecoming

3:07 Trainspotting

05:12 Ocean’s Eight

07:02 Battle of the Sexes

08:28 Far Cry 3

10:57 Wonder Woman

12:50 Bates Motel

14:58 Pick of the Week

16:59 Star Wars Score Guides