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Sideshow Sound Radio In Defence of Title Card Artwork for our Film Music Podcast

In Defence of Spider-Man 3

Joining host Ian Crabb for this week’s In Defence Of, is our very own Peter Parker, Mr. Will Dodson and the Mary Jane of Sideshow, Mr. Andrew Steele! In this show, your friendly neighbourhood podcasters pick a film they love that for some reason over the webslings and arrows of time has garnered something of a bad reputation.

On the seventh edition of IDO the team discuss the 2007 film by director Sam Raimi, Spider-Man 3, scored by the incredibly underrated composer Christopher Young! Throw on your oakly-shaded masks, settle down with your favourite symbiotic friend and join us as we defend Spiderman 3!


5:33 – Film

44:49 – Music

1:11:44 – Gripe

1:31:40 – Defence

Sideshow Sound Radio Sideshow and Tell Title Card Artwork for our Film Music Podcast

Sideshow & Tell 05/13/2016

Welcome Sideshowsters to episode 45 of SAT, your regular film music newscast presented by Ian Crabb! In this week’s newscast, “the amazing one” discusses the latest film music releases including first, on 2-disc vinyl, Star Wars: The Force Awakens by John Williams, and Alice Through the Looking Glass by Danny Elfman, from Walt Disney Records, source music from The Nice Guys from Lakeshore Records and a 2-disc vinyl from iam8it, and finally, Hollywood in Vienna: The World of James Horner, on Blu-Ray, from Varèse Sarabande. Ian also brings us the news that Nick Cave and Warren Ellis have composed the music for the upcoming heist thriller ‘Hell or High Water’, and composer Michael Giacchino has announced on Twitter that he’s scoring the upcoming Marvel movie ‘Doctor Strange’. Ian finishes this week’s SAT with a very cool 2-disc limited edition pick of the week from the fantastic team over at La-La Land Records!


1:06 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

2:37 Hell or High Water

4:12 Doctor Strange

6:00 Alice Through the Looking Glass

8:11 The Nice Guys

10:28 Hollywood in Vienna: The World of James Horner

11:46 Pick of the Week

Sideshow Sound Radio Sideshow and Tell Title Card Artwork for our Film Music Podcast

Sideshow & Tell 05/06/2016

Avast there ye olde internet! Welcome to episode 44 of Sideshow & Tell, your weekly film music newscast presented by Ian Crabb! In this week’s newscast, your host discusses the latest film and television music releases including first, Undercover by Vince PopeIndependence Day: Resurgence by Harald Kloser and Thomas Wander, from Sony Classical, the full score of Collateral by James Newton Howard from Intrada Records, and finally, Pete’s Dragon by Daniel Hart, by Walt Disney Records. Ian also brings us the news that composer Nate Walcott is scoring the upcoming indie drama by Zack Whedon, ‘Come and Find Me’, composer Jed Kurzel is scoring the upcoming movie adaptation of the hugely successful video game ‘Assassin’s Creed’, composer David Hirschfelder is going to be scoring the upcoming British drama, ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’, and composer Danny Elfman will be scoring ‘Fifty Shades Darker’. Ian concludes this week’s SAT with not one, but TWO picks of the week on vinyl, from the ever-magnificent Mondo Records!


0:49 Come and Find Me

2:55 Undercover

4:16 Independence Day: Resurgence

6:28 Collateral

8:24 Pete’s Dragon

9:55 Assassin’s Creed

11:20 A Street Cat Named Bob

13:05 Fifty Shades Darker

15:20 Pick of the Week 1

17:10 Pick of the Week 2

Sideshow Sound Radio Sideshow and Tell Title Card Artwork for our Film Music Podcast

Sideshow & Tell 04/22/2016

Nerds, geeks, the internet, lend us your ears! Welcome to episode 42 of Sideshow & Tell, your weekly film music newscast presented by your loyal host Ian Crabb! In this week’s newscast, Ian discusses the latest film and television music releases including first, The Huntsman: Winter’s War by James Newton Howard, from Back Lot Music, Game of Thrones by Ramin Djawadi, on 2-disc vinyl from Varèse Sarabande, Love by Lyle WorkmanConfirmation by Harry Gregson-Williams, and The Family Fang by Carter Burwell, from Lakeshore Records, and finally, from Walt Disney Records, The Jungle Book by John Debney. Ian also brings us the news that composers Tyler Bates and Joel J. Richard are returning to score the upcoming sequel ‘John Wick Chapter 2’, composer James Newton Howard will receive the BMI Icon Award, and composer Patrick Doyle is to score the upcoming period drama ‘A United Kingdom’. Ian closes this week’s SAT with a rather chilling pick of the week on vinyl from Waxwork Records, scored by one of Sideshow’s favourite composers!


0:28 The Huntsman: Winter’s War

1:48 Game of Thrones

3:04 John Wick: Chapter Two

4:07 Love

5:14 James Newton Howard – BMI Icon Award

6:56 Confirmation

8:26 The Jungle Book

9:59 A United Kingdom

11:25 The Family Fang

12:50 Pick of the Week

Sideshow Sound Radio Sideshow and Tell Title Card Artwork for our Film Music Podcast

Sideshow & Tell 10/08/15

In this week’s news, Ian discusses the latest film music releases including The Martian by Harry Gregson-Williams, from Capitol Records, a limited edition release of The Monster Squad by Bruce Broughton, from La-La Land Records, Steve Jobs by Daniel Pemberton, from Back Lot Music, and finally, from Sony Classical, Goosebumps by Danny Elfman. Ian also touches on the hiring of Tom Holkenborg for the upcoming Marvel movie Deadpool, and the news that film composers Marco Beltrami and Miles Hankins shall be scoring The Night Before. Once more, Ian brings you not one, but TWO picks of the week, the first from Quartet Records, the second from the wonderful people at Music On Vinyl, and finally announces the release date for Sideshow Sound Theatre´s 4th Halloween Album, Thunder Bay Hotel, to be released on October 15th! Could YOU survive a night in the Thunder Bay Hotel?


1:14 The Martian

2:31 The Monster Squad

3:35 Steve Jobs

4:36 Deadpool

5:58 Goosebumps

7:02 The Night Before

7:58 1st Pick of the Week

10:11 Thunder Bay Hotel

12:51 2nd Pick of the Week

Sideshow Sound Radio Sideshow and Tell Title Card Artwork for our Film Music Podcast

Sideshow & Tell 10/03/15

In this week’s news, Ian discusses the latest film and television music releases including Rebecca by Christopher Gunning, from Caldera Records, Forbidden Zone by Danny Elfman, and from Silva Screen Records, the expanded soundtrack to The Fog by John Carpenter on vinyl and Sideways by Rolfe Kent. Ian also informs us of the recent scoring assignments of Anne Dudley, Theodore Shapiro, Harry Escott and Roger Goula, reminds you all of our upcoming Star Wars Score Guides, and brings you a favourite in the Sideshow camp for his pick of the week, from Legacy Recordings!


1:23 Rebecca

3:48 Away

3:54 Forbidden Zone

5:14 Ghostbusters

6:33 The Fog

7:32 Sideways

8:48 The Frankenstein Chronicles

10:18 Star Wars Score Guides

12:19 Pick of the Week

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 Artwork for our Film Soundtrack Podcast

Episode 17 – The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Phase 2

Join Xander, Jesi, Will & Wend as they return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to discuss all 6 film scores in Phase 2! Starting with Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World by Brian Tyler, they later discuss Henry Jackman’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Tyler Bates’ Guardians of the Galaxy score, finishing off with Avengers: Age of Ultron by Brian Tyler and Danny Elfman and the recently-released score to Ant-Man by Christophe Beck.


4:23 – Iron Man 3

13:51 – Thor: The Dark World

25:52 – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

38:26 – Guardians of the Galaxy

52:50 – Avengers: Age of Ultron

1:02:23 – Ant-Man

Massive thanks to Ian, Rob & Krystal for the vocal contributions in the intro!

Sideshow Sound Radio Sideshow and Tell Title Card Artwork for our Film Music Podcast

Sideshow & Tell 07/26/15

In this week´s newscast, Ian discusses the latest film music releases including the digital-only release of John Paesano’s soundtrack for the Netflix mini-series Daredevil, from Varèse Sarabande, Self/less by Antônio Pinto and Dudu Aram and Pixels by Henry Jackman and from Lakeshore Records, The End of a Tour soundtrack by Danny Elfman and Carter Burwell’s Mr. Holmes. Ian also gives his thoughts on the recent Emmy nominations and caps it all off with his pick of the week!


0:26 The Music of Patrick Doyle: Solo Piano

1:04 Daredevil

1:43 Self/less

2:14 Pixels

2:58 The End of a Tour

3:37 Mr. Holmes

4:29 Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

5:31 Emmy Nominations

9:42 Pick of the Week

The Scores That Inspired Us Artwork for our Film Soundtrack Podcast

Episode 1 – The Scores That Inspired Us

Join us for the debut episode of Sideshow Sound Radio, as we discuss the film scores that inspired each of us to become composers.

Starting with the symphonic and unashamedly emotional Star Trek First Contact score by Jerry Goldsmith and his son Joel Goldsmith, featuring an amalgam of almost all the Star Trek themes the film composer brought to the franchise including two new thematic gems, we go on to discuss the extremely underrated Thomas Newman and his intimate and well-crafted Meet Joe Black score featuring the heartbreaking cue “That Next Place”. Next, we discuss Frank Herbert’s Dune Soundtrack by Graeme Revell and the untraditional orchestration the composer used to help reflect the story of the three-part sci-fi mini-series, and finally, Danny Elfman’s dark, memorable, and tone-setting Batman 1989 score, orchestrated and conducted by the film score genius that was Shirley Walker.


2:06 – Our composing backgrounds

6:01 – Star Trek: First Contact

17:53 – Meet Joe Black

26:13 – Frank Herbert’s Dune

34:12 – Batman (1989)

Links from this episode:

Interview with film composer Graeme Revell on creating the music for “Frank Herbert’s Dune” (2000)

Danny Elfman’s amazing 1990 open letter to Micah Rubenstein as mentioned in this episode