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Sideshow Sound Radio In Defence of Title Card Artwork for our Film Music Podcast

In Defence of I, Robot

We’re back folks! Your favourite show has triumphantly returned! We have a brand new line-up for this rebirth of In Defence Of. Your amazing host Ian Crabb leads his robot army, the godfather of Sideshow Will Dodson, Ian’s nemesis Rob Dodson and newest member to the Sideshow network, the lovechild of nerds and geeks across the World, Andrew Steele!

We’re going to kick off the new season of IDO discussing and defending the 2004 sci-fi detective film from director Alex Proyas, I, Robot, scored by favourite of the show, composer Marco Beltrami in just 17 days! So oil up your pleasure machine of choice and join us won’t you?!


6:53 – Film

31:26 – Music

1:00:56 – Gripe

1:22:47 – Defence