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For Ian

Welcome to Sideshow Sound Radio’s tribute to and celebration of the life of Ian Crabb.

Will and Todd showcase a compilation of many of Ian’s greatest moments at Sideshow including many laughs, fond memories, great music, and words of remembrance from our friends, colleagues, and dear listeners.

Ian always worked harder for our podcast than anyone, especially at a time when the rest of us couldn’t give our time so freely. There wasn’t a week that went by when Ian didn’t have some amaaazing new idea or content for the podcast, whether it was an episode of his shows, In Defence Of, and Sideshow & Tell, or one of his many interviews with top composers in the industry. All this work took a lot of time to set up behind the scenes, copious amounts of research, and more time than many of us could manage, even on our best day. He was a gifted podcaster and interviewer that will be sorely missed and forever remembered.

Among his many talents, Ian had a vast knowledge of cinema that brought an element to the show we were missing, along with a dose of humour and interview style our listeners adored. We experienced a boost in listenership thanks to Ian’s personality, voiceovers, skits, shows, and interviews, and we know he befriended and spoke to many of you on a regular basis.

Thank you so much for all the love and kind comments we’ve received about Ian since his passing. Your support means a lot at this difficult time. Given Ian’s tireless commitment to our podcast network over the years, he deserves a huge send-off!

Join us as we gather to remember, Ian Crabb.

Special Announcement from Ian Crabb

My dearest listeners, friends, colleagues, family and supporters of the Sideshow network, I wanted to address you first hand on something that has happened recently. You may have noticed my output of interview shows has slowed to a near crawl lately, and out of respect you deserve to know why.

Lately I have been in and out of hospital with varying degrees of abdominal pain and problems. After undergoing numerous tests and nearly every procedure in the book, I was admitted as the medical staff and consultants were extremely concerned. Within three days, the problem was found:

Day 1: Severe liver problems.

Day 2: Diagnosed with cancer of the liver.

Day 3: Cancer confirmed as “untreatable”, and therefore “terminal”.

I hate to be this blunt, but you all deserve to know the truth.

After deciding there was little more they could do for me, I am home now and resting as best I can, with a terrific support system from the local GP system, District Nurses, and the hospital.

Statistically speaking, the endgame of this is pretty clear, it’s just a case of how long. However, I am maintaining a positive state of mind and not giving up, thanks mainly in part to the wonderful people (especially Will Dodson) at Sideshow).

It goes without saying that, effective immediately, I am stepping away from Sideshow. I just didn’t want to vanish and you guys think there’d been some rift between the team.

God willing, I shall overcome and be back annoying your ears before you know it. But in the case I’m wrong I wanted to thank some people:

All the agents who helped me set up some truly outstanding guests. The guests themselves for giving this idiot the time of day. All of the team at Sideshow for being the nicest people you could hope to know and work with. And especially Will Dodson and Wendell Jones for taking a chance on me and giving me a platform.

But the biggest thanks goes to you, the dear listener, for all your support over the years.

So there you have it. It’s been a blast!


Ian Crabb