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Total Recall Artwork for our Film Soundtrack Podcast

Score Guide – Total Recall (1990)

Will & Wend proudly welcome you one and all to Venusville for their 39th Score Guide! In this episode, they take a long space cruise to Mars 2084 to discuss the phenomenal score to the Academy-Award winning 1990 science fiction action cult classic, Total Recall, by one of the greatest American composers, Jerry Goldsmith.

Johnny Cabs on standby. Patch in Matrix 62-B-37, ready for dreamland!

Score Guide Artwork by Xander Stobbs 1:4:9 Studio


Total Recall: The Deluxe Edition Varèse Sarabande (2000)


0:00 – Intro Tag: Erik Woods

8:44 – 1. The Dream

16:32 – 2. First Meeting

22:41 – 3. Secret Agent

25:00 – Major Triads w/Added Flat 6th: Xander Stobbs (From Sideshow Supplemental – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

31:48 – 4. The Implant

39:03 – 5. The Aftermath

42:00 – 6. For Old Times’ Sake

46:36 – 7. Clever Girl

52:19 – Rekall Commercial

53:08 – 8. The Johnny Cab

1:00:14 – 9. Howdy Stranger

1:02:14 – 10. The Nose Job

1:05:51 – 11. The Space Station

1:08:30 – 12. A New Face

1:13:26 – 13. The Mountain

1:16:02 – 14. Identification

1:19:04 – 15. Lies

1:21:25 – 16. Where Am I?

1:24:54 – 17. Swallow It

1:29:32 – 18. The Big Jump

1:37:14 – 19. Without Air

1:41:45 – 20. Remembering

1:45:12 – 21. The Mutant

1:51:41 – 22. The Massacre

1:56:34 – 23. Friends

1:59:37 – 24. The Treatment

2:06:09 – 25. The Hollowgram

2:13:47 – 26. End of a Dream

2:18:42 – 27. A New Life

2:23:23 – Final Thoughts

2:29:20 – Don Davis on Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams

Sideshow Sound Radio Title Card Artwork for our Film Soundtrack Podcast

Meet the Team #6 – Wendell Jones

In the latest episode of our “Meet the Team” mini-series, Ian has the pleasure of talking with Sideshow co-founder, composer, host, head of social media and fellow Englishman, Wendell Jones.

Doctah Jones has a good old chinwag with his compatriot on where the spark for music came from, getting hooked on both Jerry Goldsmith and Joel Goldsmith, starting The Carnival, falling in love with Mexico, meeting Will in the Twitterverse and the birth of Sideshow, the stories behind his work as a composer, banging his erhu, religiously watching Star Trek, what he’s anticipating on the silver screen in 2016 & heaps more!


00:00 Prometheus (Dark Frontier: The Original Series)

21:27 Red Alert (Dark Frontier: The Original Series)

22:15 The Vaudeville (The Carnival)

28:41 An Ominous Overture (Twisted Tales & Scary Stories, 2012 – Sideshow Sound Theatre)

29:10 The WTF Paranormal Agency (The WTF Paranormal Agency, 2013 – Sideshow Sound Theatre)

31:38 Red Alert (Dark Frontier: The Original Series)

34:23 Main Theme (Dark Frontier: Vanishing Point)

36:35 Terran Skies

38:25 Sorrow

39:43 Neo-Noir

44:13 A Lucky Escape

49:17 Reflection (True Identity)

50:10 Heartstrings

56:22 Angels Overture (Angels Saga)

57:37 The Nursery

1:04:51 There Be Monsters! (The WTF Paranormal Agency, 2013 – Sideshow Sound Theatre)

1:07:48 The Undead Lounge (The WTF Paranormal Agency, 2013 – Sideshow Sound Theatre)

1:35:27 Travelling Light

1:37:03 The Big Adventure

1:38:52 The Joy of Christmas


Wend on SoundCloud

Wend’s Website

Main Titles Artwork for our Film and Television Soundtrack Podcast

Episode 13 – Main Titles

To finish off 2014, we each bring two of our favourite main themes to the table and discuss what they mean to us.

Our first selections include the militaristic Thunderbirds theme by Barry Gray, two themes from Bear McCreary including the musical palindrome that is Da Vinci’s Demons and the unsettling main theme to the television series Caprica, the unforgettable Tara’s Theme from Gone with the Wind by the prolific film composer Max Steiner. For the second round of choices we discuss the beautifully majestic Star Trek Voyager theme Jerry Goldsmith composed, the amazingly bombastic Wing Commander theme by David Arnold, the beautiful, childlike theme for To Kill a Mockingbird by Elmer Bernstein, and the infamous and arguably greatest superhero theme of all time, John Williams’ Superman theme.


1:49 – Thunderbirds

8:58 – Caprica

15:41 – Da Vinci’s Demons

25:18 – Tara’s Theme – Gone with the Wind

31:29 – Star Trek: Voyager

38:05 – Wing Commander

47:35 – To Kill a Mockingbird

53:23 – Superman

Links from this episode:

Bear McCreary’s blog post on writing Leonardo’s Theme for Da Vinci’s Demons

Link to friend of the show Chad Hopkins´ amazing article on “Movie Music and Its Recognizability” How many themes can you recognise?

The Scores That Inspired Us Artwork for our Film Soundtrack Podcast

Episode 1 – The Scores That Inspired Us

Join us for the debut episode of Sideshow Sound Radio, as we discuss the film scores that inspired each of us to become composers.

Starting with the symphonic and unashamedly emotional Star Trek First Contact score by Jerry Goldsmith and his son Joel Goldsmith, featuring an amalgam of almost all the Star Trek themes the film composer brought to the franchise including two new thematic gems, we go on to discuss the extremely underrated Thomas Newman and his intimate and well-crafted Meet Joe Black score featuring the heartbreaking cue “That Next Place”. Next, we discuss Frank Herbert’s Dune Soundtrack by Graeme Revell and the untraditional orchestration the composer used to help reflect the story of the three-part sci-fi mini-series, and finally, Danny Elfman’s dark, memorable, and tone-setting Batman 1989 score, orchestrated and conducted by the film score genius that was Shirley Walker.


2:06 – Our composing backgrounds

6:01 – Star Trek: First Contact

17:53 – Meet Joe Black

26:13 – Frank Herbert’s Dune

34:12 – Batman (1989)

Links from this episode:

Interview with film composer Graeme Revell on creating the music for “Frank Herbert’s Dune” (2000)

Danny Elfman’s amazing 1990 open letter to Micah Rubenstein as mentioned in this episode