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Interview with Kari Wahlgren

Ian delivers a fascinating, insightful interview for you all, with the ultra wonderful actress and voice artist royalty that is Kari Wahlgren! Not only an astonishing presence in her live-action work, if you’ve ever watched a cartoon, animated feature, or played a video game you will most likely have heard her voice.

Kari discusses growing up a bookworm in Hoisington, Kansas, getting her first job at 11, performing multiple voices in one session, acting a badass onscreen as Tink in ‘Neverland‘, voice matching and the pros and cons of celebrities in voice artist roles, defining the role of Rapunzel in Tangled, the rise of animation over the years, enjoying Westworld, Game of Thrones and The Fall, her favourite film and composer of all time, and a whole lot more! We hope you enjoy this super special chat with one of the nicest people in the industry!


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