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Sideshow Sound Radio In Defence of Title Card Artwork for our Film Music Podcast

In Defence of King Arthur

Welcome squires of the Internet to In Defence of, a show where we pick a film we love and try to defend it from the harsh criticism it may have garnered over the years.

In our 4th episode, join brave knights Will, Wend and Rob and their fearless, leader, King Ian of the Britons, for a barrel of laughs discussing the 2004 film King Arthur, directed by Antoine Fuqua with an all-star cast and rousing score by film composer Hans Zimmer. Our job is simple, we will each talk through why we love this film and hopefully convince you, our loyal lieges, to give this reinterpretation of an Arthurian legend another try. We’ll battle through the grievances and quarrels of the naysayers in four simple sections: film, music, gripe and defence. Arrrturius!


5:36 – MC Crabb

8:28 – Film

25:52 – Music

46:59 – Gripe

1:05:58 – Defence