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Interview with John Murphy

Welcome to another amazing instalment in Ian Crabb’s exclusive interview series! Ian is joined by John Murphy, composer of 28 Days Later, Millions and Sunshine!

John discusses the heights of career fame versus family life, working with directors, being invigorated by the business and much, much more! Enjoy the show!


John’s Website

Interview with Ilan Eshkeri, Part 2

It’s time for another instalment of Ian Crabb’s exclusive interview series! In a welcome return to the show, Ian is joined by award-winning composer, Ilan Eshkeri!

Ilan discusses his work on the new film The White Crow directed by Ralph Fiennes, the craft of ballet, the differences between scoring large and small projects, video games, the space station, Bond, and much, much more! Enjoy the show!


Ilan’s Website

Interview with Jared Faber

Welcome everyone to the newest instalment of Ian’s exclusive interview series, where your host, Ian Crabb, is very fortunate to talk with the brilliant film and television composer, Jared Faber.

Jared chats about his background in music, how he got into composing, working his way from oodles of animated kids shows to some of the most highly popular and respected sitcoms on TV such as the fantastic new show, Splitting Up Together and a whole lot more! Enjoy!


Jared’s Website

Interview with Kevin Kiner

Welcome everyone to Ian’s latest interview, where your host has the incredible fortune of sitting down to chat with Kevin Kiner, composer of Hell on Wheels, Jane the Virgin, CSI: Miami, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek Enterprise, Wing Commander, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

Kevin talks about lighting the composer spark in you, how Wing Commander was ahead of it’s time, approaching the Star Wars Universe, working with George Lucas and much, much more!


Kevin’s Website

Interview with Ben Lovett

Welcome everyone to Ian’s newest interview, where your host has the great privilege of chatting with Ben Lovett, composer of the critically-acclaimed, indie horror, The Ritual!

Ben talks about finding his musical path to composing, growing up as part of a team of filmmakers, composing his first feature for a movie starring two Hollywood legends, forming lasting career relationships with directors, the careful selection of setups project to project, the eternal conundrum of how exactly to score a forest, and heaps more!


Ben’s Website

Interview with Michael Abels

In Ian’s latest interview your host has the incredible fortune of sitting down to chat with amazing Michael Abels, composer of the multiple award-winning, psychological thriller, Get Out!

Michael chats about collaborating with the Sphinx Organization and Sphinx Virtuosi, Delights & Dances, Urban Legends, the huge success of Get Out and creating the score, upcoming commissions, and much more!


Michael on Twitter

Interview with Kurt Farquhar

In Ian’s latest interview your host has the great fortune of talking with award-winning television and film composer, the charming and insightful Kurt Farquhar!

Having scored over 1,300 episodes of television, Kurt has been gifting us with his musical talents for decades now. He chats about his music studies, writing his first symphonic work at the age of 12, the CW live-action show Black Lightning, from DC Comics, his process creating the music, avoiding cliché’s in a show inhabited primarily by African American characters, the importance of family in a superhero score, working on the action thriller 96 Minutes, and a whole lot more!


Kurt’s Website

Interview with Alexander Schiebel

In the newest instalment of Ian’s amazing interview series, your host has the pleasure of talking with an exceptionally talented up and coming composer from Vienna, Alexander Schiebel!

Alexander chats about European vs. American weather, his dual life as lawyer by day and composer by night, the day he fell in love with synthesizers, his vast array of independent work, his feature film debut Able Danger, his passion for scoring previously scored works, his unique work with the Vienna Symphonic Library, his fave TV show, film, film score and film composer of all time, and much more!


Alexander’s Website

Interview with Carlos Rafael Rivera

In the latest instalment of Ian’s exclusive interview series, your host has the good fortune of chatting with award-winning composer, Carlos Rafael Rivera!

Carlos discusses the thriller A Walk Among the Tombstones, the success of the smash-hit Netflix series Godless and scoring the show, growing up in a supportive family, Bruce Broughton’s Tombstone, being inspired by Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams, the genius of James Horner’s Wrath of Khan, working with director Scott Frank, his unique scoring process, the support of David Stal, his fave score of all time, and much, much more!


Carlos’ Website

Interview with Marie-Anne Fischer

In the latest instalment of Ian’s exclusive interview series, your host has the pleasure of chatting with composer for film, television and games, the luminous Marie-Anne Fischer.

Marie-Anne discusses living and working in different countries, composing for wildlife documentaries, recording live strings from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, growing up in a musical family, joining Oliver Sadie on the feature film The Garden, working on the orchestral and electronic industry album Space, being Director of the SCOREcast London community, writing music for sample libraries, the importance of continuous learning, her participation with BAFTA, and answers a round of quick fire questions to top it all off!


Marie-Anne’s Website

Marie-Anne on Twitter

Interview with Kristen Romanelli

In the latest instalment of Ian’s interview series and first of 2018, your host chats with the incredibly talented and beyond charming, Kristen Romanelli.

Kristen is the Managing Editor of the hugely popular Film Score Monthly Online Magazine, where they bring you all the news from the world of film music, fascinating editorials, news, reviews and amazing insight into the world we love!

Thank you all for listening! Happy New Year everyone!


Kristen’s Twitter

Film Score Monthly Online

Interview with Stephen Baysted, Part 1

In the newest instalment of Ian’s exclusive interview series brought to you exclusively by Sideshow Sound Radio, your host has the delight of chatting with the award-winning British film, TV and Video Game composer extraordinaire, the most talented, generous and just darn fun Professor you’ve ever heard, Stephen Baysted.

Stephen is best known for his supreme work on games such as the Need for Speed series, Atari’s Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends, and the absolutely mind-blowing Project Cars. The composer is also well-known for his music to documentaries, animation, short film and commercials, and has been nominated for prestigious awards numerous times for his spectacular scores.

Stephen talks with Ian about his Batcave in the garden, the lengths he’s gone to recording all the car sounds for your games that you took for granted, their mutual love of 80s TV and music, his incredible wife, an amazing opera singer, assembling a team, and much, much more!

Thank you all for listening, enjoy part one of this exclusive interview!


Stephen’s Website

Interview with Bruce Broughton

In the latest exciting interview brought to you exclusively by Sideshow Sound Radio, Ian proudly sits down to chat with the incredibly kind, charming and talented Bruce Broughton.

Bruce Broughton is a an award-winning composer and conductor of some of the most legendary scores for film and television, Young Sherlock Holmes, Monster Squad, Silverado, The Rescuers, Tiny Toon Adventures, Stay Tuned, Homeward Bound, The Boy Who Could Fly, Baby’s Day Out, Tombstone, just to name a few. Bruce has just finished composing for Seth McFarlane’s new sci-fi dramedy ‘The Orville‘ and talks with Ian about the many projects he’s worked on over the years, answering listeners questions along the way, and giving us a few surprises on the piano!

Thank you so much for listening, enjoy the show!


Bruce’s Website

Interview with Benjamin Wallfisch

For his newest instalment in his interview series, Ian sits down to chat with talented English composer Benjamin Wallfisch. Benjamin discusses his road to composing, from conducting to orchestrating to arranging, his time working with composer Hans Zimmer, his first feature as composer on ‘Dear Wendy’, working on such projects as 12 Years a Slave, Hidden Figures, A Cure for Wellness, Annabelle: Creation, the recent record-breaking phenomenon ‘IT‘, and a whole lot more!


Benjamin’s Website

Benjamin on Twitter

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Interview with Cris Velasco

For his latest interview, Ian sits down with composer Cris Velasco, one of the most respected composers of video games in recent times. Cris talks about his work/life balance, starting out in a death metal band, developing an interest for classical guitar, taking a Music Appreciation class in junior college, being told music was a lesser art form, his love for Bard’s Tale on the Commodore 64, his first professional project, Battlestar Galactica, creating the instrumental palette for Bloodborne, researching Russian composers to prepare for his work on Company of Heroes, his Star Wars dream, thoughts on The Force Awakens and Rogue One, his fave film score and video game score, and much, much more!


Cris’s Website

Cris on Twitter

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Interview with Gareth J. Rubery

In the latest instalment of Ian’s exclusive interview series, Ian has the pleasure of sitting down with the very talented and knowledgeable composer Gareth J. Rubery, superstar of the future! Gareth talks about humble beginnings in a musical household, growing up with a mouthpiece for a rattle and playing piano duets with his mother, wearing many hats with his band Radiate, the gear he uses in his studio, recording a string quartet in his home, putting his music out into the world and growing a following of amazing people on Twitter, his love for cello, Superman, Back to the Future and The X-Files, thoughts on Batman v Superman, his astonishing musical career so far, favourite composersand heaps more!

And remember…get your synths out!


Gareth’s Website

An Act of Dog

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Interview with Ilan Eshkeri

In our latest interview, Ian has the absolute pleasure of sitting down with the wonderfully charming and incredibly talented composer Ilan Eshkeri, who talks about learning violin from an early age, collaborating with Matthew Vaughn on Stardust, the pressure of writing music for The Snowman and The Snowdog, recording Hannibal Rising with Dino De Laurentiis at Abbey Road, having heaps of fun on Kick-Ass, playing with numbers on 47 Ronin, the role of a film composer, creating the sound palette for Coriolanus, scoring the new Sergei Polunin documentary Dancerbeing inspired by John Barry for the Johnny English Reborn score and answering many listener questions along the way. Enjoy! 


Ilan’s Website

Ilan on Twitter