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Sideshow Sound Radio In Defence of Title Card Artwork for our Film Music Podcast

In Defence of The Amazing Spider-Man

In the latest In Defence Of, host Ian Crabb is joined by his team of webheads, the heartthrob of the corridor, Will Flash Dodson, the high-flyer that doesn’t need wings, Andrew Drew Parker Steele, and the heroic Captain, the Disney to their Dark Knight, Todd Horan.

In episode 12 of IDO, the team defend Sony’s 2012 reboot of the franchise, The Amazing Spider-Man and it’s webtastic score by composer James Horner! Will any of their opinions of change by the end of the episode? Will any of yours? Listen to find out!


8:28 – Film

38:05 – Music

58:27 – Gripe

1:23:23 – Defence