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The Main Street Monologue #14 – A Blu-ray that Needs to Be Part of Your World

Welcome back to the Main Street Monologue! This week on the show your hosts provide you with nuggets of news from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disney Plus, Spaceship Earth, discuss the new Aladdin trailer and review the new The Little Mermaid Blu-ray, all in Episode 14!

Reach out to us with your thoughts on all the news discussed in this episode as well as your love for The Little Mermaid and the new Blu-ray:


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0:00 – Show Introduction

3:24 – Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Opening Date

7:52 – Disney Plus News

13:02 – Spaceship Earth Closing

15:08 – Aladdin Trailer

21:54 – The Little Mermaid Blu-ray (30th Anniversary Signature Collection Edition)