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Sideshow & Tell 05/06/2016

Avast there ye olde internet! Welcome to episode 44 of Sideshow & Tell, your weekly film music newscast presented by Ian Crabb! In this week’s newscast, your host discusses the latest film and television music releases including first, Undercover by Vince PopeIndependence Day: Resurgence by Harald Kloser and Thomas Wander, from Sony Classical, the full score of Collateral by James Newton Howard from Intrada Records, and finally, Pete’s Dragon by Daniel Hart, by Walt Disney Records. Ian also brings us the news that composer Nate Walcott is scoring the upcoming indie drama by Zack Whedon, ‘Come and Find Me’, composer Jed Kurzel is scoring the upcoming movie adaptation of the hugely successful video game ‘Assassin’s Creed’, composer David Hirschfelder is going to be scoring the upcoming British drama, ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’, and composer Danny Elfman will be scoring ‘Fifty Shades Darker’. Ian concludes this week’s SAT with not one, but TWO picks of the week on vinyl, from the ever-magnificent Mondo Records!


0:49 Come and Find Me

2:55 Undercover

4:16 Independence Day: Resurgence

6:28 Collateral

8:24 Pete’s Dragon

9:55 Assassin’s Creed

11:20 A Street Cat Named Bob

13:05 Fifty Shades Darker

15:20 Pick of the Week 1

17:10 Pick of the Week 2