The Nightmare Before Christmas Artwork for our Film Soundtrack Podcast

Halloween Supplemental – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Ghost hosts Will and Wend finish off their month of Halloween specials by discussing one of their favourite film scores, composer Danny Elfman‘s The Nightmare Before Christmas.


The Nightmare Before Christmas Walt Disney Records (1993)

or Disc 1 of

The Nightmare Before Christmas 2-Disc Special Edition Walt Disney Records (2006)


00:00 – Intro Tag: Charlie McCarron

05:11 – 1. Overture

06:12 – 2. Opening

07:25 – 3. This Is Halloween

08:52 – 4. Jack’s Lament

11:31 – 5. In the Forest

12:28 – 6. What’s This?

14:51 – 7. Town Meeting Town

16:40 – 8. Jack and Sally Montage

18:53 – 9. Jack’s Obsession

19:33 – 10. Kidnap the Sandy Claws

20:55 – 11. Making Christmas

22:59 – 12. Nabbed

24:30 – 13. Oogie Boogie’s Song

25:46 – 14. Sally’s Song

27:49 – 15. Christmas Eve Montage

31:07 – 16. Poor Jack

33:44 – 17. To the Rescue

35:43 – 18. Finale/Reprise

37:17 – 19. Closing

37:33 – 20. End Title


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3 thoughts on “Halloween Supplemental – The Nightmare Before Christmas

  1. aaronmbuckley

    This is the first episode of your podcast I’ve listened to and I absolutely loved it! The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favourite scores, so it was great to listen to it again in more depth. It inspired me to take a detailed look at some of Elfman’s other scores and I found a book by Janet K. Halfyard called “Danny Elfman’s Batman: A Film Score Guide” which I’ve added to my Christmas list. Looking forward to hearing more.


    1. Sideshow Sound Theatre Post author

      Thanks so much for listening Aaron and your kind words, that´s great to hear! Yes, it`s a phenomenal score, and one of our absolute favourites! In Episode 9 of the podcast we looked at Elfman`s Sleepy Hollow score which you might enjoy listening to, and we also discussed the Batman score in our very first episode. The book you referenced sounds super interesting, we´ll have to check that out!



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